Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sex toys for fun-loving Krips: The importance of knowing your own body and having a bag of tricks!

As a person with a physical disability who is also queer and gender queer sex toys are essential for my my enjoyment of my own body-I am a big fan of masturbation- as well as creating experimental and fun times with my lovers!  

Growing up with a disability I was taught to create a lot of distance between my actual bodily experience and my sense of self. It has taken me until recently, I am 28 now, to actually inhabit my body fully and what it is experiencing especially drew in sex and masturbation.

Acquiring a number of sex toys of various shapes and functions has been fundamental in allowing me to reconnect with my body as well as bring an experimental and exciting atmosphere into my sex with women.

Having a ‘bag of tricks’ handy which I can pull out when I bring someone home for the first time allows me to feel confident as a lover. It is also something I can flirtatiously refer to when we are getting a bit hot and sourcey before we go home together: ‘So I have a bag of tricks at home, wanna come have a play?’

I wish I have known of joys of sex toys long before now. I have only really invested in them in the last year; following an instance of bringing a lover home and having her go ‘’what you have NO sex toys?! You really need to get some! What kind of lesbian are you?’’ I am now the well equip kind :) 

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