Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Do Queer Women Necessarily Objectify Women? Queers & Answers-Vimeo recording

The recording of Queer and Answers Monday 1st June 2015 
Do Queer Women Necessarily Objectify Women? With me, Sonja Hammer & Amy Broomstick 

Link to Vimeo recording of event

We answered such questions as
What is objectification?
Can you appreciate a woman sexually without objectifying her?
Is a woman anti-feminist if she likes to be objectified?
Can objectification look differently to different women?
Do men and women objectify in the same way?
Can you have raw animalistic sexual attraction / activity to women without objectifying
Is objectification something we all naturally do, but must train ourselves not to do?

Do women who are sex positive automatically want to be objectified?