Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My interview on disability feminism for 3CR Radio

me. again. Talking disability activism, feminism and intersectionality. like usual really, if you haven't had enough of it already from this blog then tune in. 

Women On The Line 09 06 2014 


Sunday, 8 June 2014

I wanna go down: An erotic invitation for an unconventional lover

So i had a poem on Radio National's Bedtime Stories...its all about crip sex accompanied by a foot trumpet! Yes a foot trumpet! My anti-career has reached new levels of greatness! If you wanna hear me say some sexy things breathlessly and laugh as they try and intro it then take a listen (link below).

I think my crip privilege got me over the line cos apparently when the executive producer 1st listened to it she was like ''we can't air this, its all about sex'' and the producer was like ''but she's in a wheelchair, its about disability and sex'' and she said ''oh ok then, that's diversity''. My disability, enabling me to talk sex on a national platform.

image: disabilitysexy.wordpress.com

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Govt budget targets the POOR, the sick, disabled and the marginalised!

My speech at Melb Bust the Budget Rally in May on how people with disability are going to be impacted by this government's budget.

Ok so today I am going to talk to you about how this budget and this government is effecting people with disability.
This is a collaborative speech worked on by a number of disability activist and I am just their mouthpiece with a good shirt really.

So I’m going to start off with the good news because it is the only thing which doesn’t seek to disadvantage people with disability further then we already are- the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and that, is still going ahead but it has been delayed and this will obviously hurt a lot of people with disabilities and their carers.

This budget essentially, targets the POOR, the sick, disabled and the marginalized. It further reintranches the disadvantages we are already subject to, when right now almost 50% of people with disability live near or below the poverty line.

There will be a decrease in the DSP over time. And interestingly, and I will allow you to take a guess at why, there will soon no longer be a disability discrimination commissioner.

Programs that promote the human rights of people with disabilities are being de-funded.

There will be cuts to legal services and violence services, which is particularly worrying because we know that women with disabilities are more likely to experience forms of violence then non-disabled women.

There are changes to health care, which will hit the people with disability particularly hard, with an increase in medicines and a $7 GP fee, as well as cuts public health spending of around 80 billion and Public Hospital funding is also being slashed.  

An estimated 28,000 people who were granted the DSP between 2008-2011, are under 35 who have been assessed as being able to work more than 8 hours a week will have to take part in compulsory work programs, and will face sanctions if they do not comply.

People with disability will be subject to "independent" assessments by doctors and as we know from the UK, it can, and will result in deaths for those with little or no to capacity to work. These doctors are not specialists in a number of disabilities and they also are being hired by Centerlink to save the government money.

The ABC’S Ramp up, a disability website, which provides a national platform for disability issues is no longer going to be funded, meaning that all the issues which will harm and further disadvantage people with disability will no longer have a voice.

There is no additional help with employment and with the changes already made to the DSP eligibility, there are a lot of people with disability on Newstart. so the new rules relating to Newstart, having to wait six months fif your under  30...will also apply to all those people who are sick/disabled and in need of health care and medicines which they now have absolutely NO INCOME to afford.

There will be an increase in household bills for people on pensions as we are no longer eligible for discounts and the few tax deductions which we could receive have been abolished.

And there is no getting away from all of this cos if you are receiving the DSP, and want to go overseas, you will have only four weeks to do that in before you get cut off and you will have to wait another 12 months before you can travel again. I guess they are expecting us to be too poor to be able to travel anywhere, ever.

So basically its fucked.  But we can march, we can raise our voices and we can try and do 10 things a day which would make Abbott very, very, uncomfortable, as a queer I aim to do that each and every day to the very fucking best of my ability!

(For more info see http://www.disabilitydirectory.net.au/articles/budget-lowdown/)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Angry feet

"My feet could hold up a plane’’, I tell her as she squashes my toes as hard as she can with her fingers, pressing down with all her substantial weight on top of my boots. 

She wants me to take them off, to investigate them for drugs. She has to she says, its procedure.  Ive never been one to follow procedure and nether have my feet. 

She’s bent down in front of me and shes breathing a little fast and hard.

I can’t tell if it’s from the force of pushing down on my toes or if she has a secerate foot fetish, this would be the job for it right, getting to watch people take on and off their shoes all day. I had a lover one who liked to get spegitti sucked through her toes, does she? or maybe she’s a lesbian and she knows these boots scream sex or the chair really does do it for her…

She looks up at me, like I annoy her more than excite her, we are treading that fine-line of annoyance turned into passion
that would work for us if we were lovers.

She thinks she holds the power here but I know my feet do. 

She says it again, ‘’you going to have to take your boots off, we 
need to drug test them, we cant give you special treatment you know’’. 

I say: ‘’well if you want them off you’re going to have to help me and help me get them back on, that could take a while cos when my feet get emotional they get uncooperative and you’re making them upset touching them like that’’ I almost add a honey at the end but that would be pushing it. 

She looks at me like either I must have taken all the drugs she was thinking are hidden in my boots smuggled from hills of Nimbin or that im a bit special in the head. I am wearing my new favourite shirt, which I now think may have been a bad idea and part of what set her off. 

It says im so hornet with a cartoon hornet on it, and my hair is dyed newly bright red and dishevelled from having to get up far too early and skip my morning essential coffee to struggle to get my cranky feet into these boots. She stands up and calls a guy over to come and swab boots, and looks like she’s come to the conclusion that either I am high or crazy or both but defently capable of having feet which could hold up a plane. 

She says; ‘’you can go, but I hope your mother knows what you did to your hair’’ I want to say honey, my mother did my hair but that might make her think I come from a family eccentric werdos  and we would end up locked in the foot battle again.

Unrequited love poem from my wheelchair to a shopping trolley

So I’m not alone on the stage 
I’m here with 
my wheelchair 
and he’s a bit wrong 
and a little bit dirty really
this is an
Unrequited love poem from him to a shopping trolley

There were sparks between us
I ran into her
as i rounded the corner
to fast
and we collided
my metal grinded against her metal
and well I don’t know weather it was consensual

It all happened in a flash
like I was being driven
by some unknown hands

She, she was empty
The kind of empty.
Only shopping can fill.
Damn she looked good 
carrying a load

She was shining under the fluro lights
Pushed up agaist the baked-beans
I wanted to say you make can-goods 
Look so good babe

make my wheels wobbly 
and my bearings loose
I wanna pop a trier for u 
let my air out 
Ever so slowly

you immobilise me 
I wanna liberate u from this monotony 
Take u on a joy ride 
Use you in ways u weren't intended
I want to have u 
to go down 
A hill  
with me 

I wanna stop servicing others 
and service each other 
I wanna slide a coin into ur slot 

I wanna rub tires with you 
Grind rims with u
touch ur small frount wheels to mine 
Oh who am I kidding I wanna 
Ram u so hard that we will both carry the marks on our frames forever  
But Coles is no place for such rimanctic gestures 
And I am being driven my a dyke with a burning desire for
Chocolate milk
As I get wheeled away from u 
I can only hope some picks u up
Fills u up
And drives u the way u deserve to be driven 

Feminism & disability panel

Podcast of CHERCHEZ LA FEMME-Feminism-and-Disability panel with me and Jess, Karen & Shakria May 2014 Link