Monday, 29 July 2013

Target you turn me on

Target you turn me on

Target you’ve got everything I want
and more then I need
and you know it
with your special catalogues filling up my letter
making me come to you
even in the rain.
Wet and seeking out
your big
one inside the other
like a lesbian (breast) beckon
calling me to towards you,
making me squeeze my wheels through your metal opening
gliding inside you.

Towards your underwear on full display
and always on sale
falling off your racks,
touched by too many bogan hands seeking out a bargain
then tossing your panties aside,
they hang or lay on the floor
once touched/fingered then disregarded for a better deal.

Undress yourself for me
you tarty multinational
make me hot for your hosery
all in techo colours
so I have to notice you
and want you
on my body,

I must unclothe you
liberate you from your hangers
pulling you down
so you fall onto my lap,
your rumpled garments splayed
across my crouch
for all to see
as I carry you
into the change room.

I want to be the first to try you on,
feel your newness against my skin
you look so good hugging my body
clinging to my flesh
I want to watch you touching me
touching you
under these bright flro lights
in the full-length mirror.

You make me feel so fucking sexy
and all for only $12.99
your boy-leg undies are oh so tight
around my hips,
and I am not a size ten anymore
but there its too late to change my mind now
you’re marked by my body.
So give me your reduced price
your satisfaction guarantee
and here in the accessible change room,
let’s get oh so very get sexy.

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