Sunday, 1 June 2014

Unrequited love poem from my wheelchair to a shopping trolley

So I’m not alone on the stage 
I’m here with 
my wheelchair 
and he’s a bit wrong 
and a little bit dirty really
this is an
Unrequited love poem from him to a shopping trolley

There were sparks between us
I ran into her
as i rounded the corner
to fast
and we collided
my metal grinded against her metal
and well I don’t know weather it was consensual

It all happened in a flash
like I was being driven
by some unknown hands

She, she was empty
The kind of empty.
Only shopping can fill.
Damn she looked good 
carrying a load

She was shining under the fluro lights
Pushed up agaist the baked-beans
I wanted to say you make can-goods 
Look so good babe

make my wheels wobbly 
and my bearings loose
I wanna pop a trier for u 
let my air out 
Ever so slowly

you immobilise me 
I wanna liberate u from this monotony 
Take u on a joy ride 
Use you in ways u weren't intended
I want to have u 
to go down 
A hill  
with me 

I wanna stop servicing others 
and service each other 
I wanna slide a coin into ur slot 

I wanna rub tires with you 
Grind rims with u
touch ur small frount wheels to mine 
Oh who am I kidding I wanna 
Ram u so hard that we will both carry the marks on our frames forever  
But Coles is no place for such rimanctic gestures 
And I am being driven my a dyke with a burning desire for
Chocolate milk
As I get wheeled away from u 
I can only hope some picks u up
Fills u up
And drives u the way u deserve to be driven 

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