Monday, 1 February 2016

Why I'm supporting 'Queers Revolt' at pride march Melbourne

This is a video of what happened to the protesters at pride march in Melbourne on Sunday (31/01/16). It is harrowing to watch. I was marching in pride with Quippings Disability Unleashed Disability IS Desirable but had no idea this was going on. 

One of the protesters is a wheelchair user too.

The protesters, calling themselves ''Queers Revolt'', were engaging in a peaceful protest against big corporations marching in pride and are holding up the transgender pride flag. 

People from the crowd start yelling abuse and throwing buckets of water. The level of hostility from the crowd is intense, a lot of whom would have also been members of the queer community.

Particularly poignant is when someone from the crowd says to them ‘’you're a minority. You're a minority. Remember that is all that you are’’. Yes, WE ARE A MINORITY as a queer community. We shouldn't be treating each other like this, especially trans people.

People have a right to protest and to ask as all to think about why what was a protest march has now been co-opted by big corporations. Coles marches by and everyone cheers, someone from the crowd says ‘’remember what you're here for, pay them [the protesters] no attention’’, Coles disappears from view and everyone goes back to booing and abusing the protesters.

We cheer big corporations who do next to nothing for lgbTI people and abuse our own people? Is this progress? Is this what assimilation looks like? 

I went in Pride March because i think its important to show that people with disabilities are part of the queer community, that we have sexualities and/or gender diversity. But after seeing this I'm going to think twice about going in it next year. 

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