Monday, 10 July 2017

I want to go down- Spoken word poem

This poem featured on Radio National’s Bedtime Stories and can be listen to here

I want to go down
filled with anticipation at seeing you spread before me
just begging me to take you
and right now

Slide myself over you
learn your curves
down to those places
I lose myself in the moment
and just let go

You make me forget myself
and remember at the same time
when we do this together
we are always on display
for I am marked out as different
and tonight we will give them a show

I want to ride you
in this dusk light
where everyone can see
as they drive by in their cars
home from work

I want to scream
to squeal like a 16 year old
with the rush and thrill
of the 1st time I realised I could do this
and it felt so right 

You make me breathless and reckless
and I don’t care that they are watching
the head-lights catching my wheels
as I roll over you
like an expert

They say big is beautiful
and they are so right


But 1st you make me work for you
you’ve made me climb you
you’ve made me
come here
and sweat

Made my arm muscles
till I am all ache
for you
in this sunset light

I want to press my ties into your tarmac
to know the cracks in your concrete
ride your bumps
which make my body vibrate
just right
know your bends

you make my hands so fucking dirty from touching my tires to your

I wanna make people look
and step aside
hurriedly with a gasp
as I go down
like a pro
right to your
and everyone watching wishes they had the body and equipment to enjoy you like I do 



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