Wednesday, 12 September 2012

She dips her head to write to me

She dips her head to write to me
makes me wait for her words,
teaches me that less can mean more.

This body is a mystery
I wanna learn the places with my lips where
tight muscles become loose
and my knowledge of women, of able-bodies
does not apply

She is different. We are different. Our bodies speak a strange CP language
where jumps, tension, startles mean keep going, you are doing it so right

She says live in the now,
pretend like we don’t know any better.
We are all wanting and adventure.
 We are bodies of knowledge for each other.

Read me.
dip your head, tell me what you see.
tell me to let go
tell me
tell me
tell me

But worry drums in the back of my mind
we are entering a space
amplified by shame hidden
just under our skins

My feelings slip and slide until it is unfair
sometimes I am full of shared sinew and muscle calling out for her echo
others I am curled up in bed crying fool you have been hurt before.

This body remembers

I am all battered and bruised heart today,
memories of lovers footfalls fading away.
They are grounding stones of heart-ache
saying turn back
turn back
before it’s too late

So I let her go
I tell her I can’t, I’m unsure
and brake the cord of sinews that pull us tight

She dips her head
from my view
clicks stop

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