Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Is this safe? Are you safe?

Some Sins Invalid pieces which they use to open their shows which centre the non-normative body and social model politics at the heart of the night and re-position us as desirous and erotic.

Is this safe? Are you safe?
Are you sufficiently insulated from us,
the deviant, the disabled, the non-normative, the crippled
or might you become stained, barrow leaking needs

Are we, the disabled, the unconscious visceral threat to the able-bodied myth of emotional predictability and bodily control?
Is that why you settle most comfortably in your mental lazy-boy
as we labour to shield you from our differences?

Is it why you contain us in intuitions,
police our bodies and movements,
abuse us, exterminate us,
eliminate us even before birth?
Do we frighten you so?
Must we frighten you?

We concave our chests to hold your projections
Cupped repositories for your fear of difference
Your denial of your need for help
Your terror of being vulnerable

A wise woman once said
Fear is behaving as though truth
Were not the truth

Living requires risk as does the hottest of desires
We live in continual risk
And tonight we are coming home.


We find struggle inside of desire.
We find resolution inside of our desperation and defence.
We find spirit in the darkest hours of the soul.

We struggle within our collective consciousness to transform
assumptions of who is whole,
who is healthy, who is expendable,
Who is desirous, who is erotic.

Who can fuck, who can birth,
Who can love and be loved,
 Who can lead, and who can be a revolutionary.

Is there a perfect body?
There is no right or wrong body
of a conscious revolutionary mind.

We create sacred spaces
that doesn’t not presume
whose body is sanctified or righteous,
that do not claim anybody as expendable.

When we are all recognized as sacred
our wings cross impossible borders and geographies,
We become beautifully almougious and unified.
Collectively, we witness our own transformation,
that we have no one body,
no perfect form, no perfect shape.

Like a phoenix rising, we can shift new territories
Transforming the narrative of ugly,
absurd, horrifying and deviant
In to powerful, sanctified and the sacred.

We come in bodies of various bones
 and expansive wisdom
that knows no bounds towards revolution.

We are seeking a phoenix to rise us up, to lift us up,
To collective memory,
To collective legacy,
to rise our freedom home.

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